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Choosing a lawyer is choosing a team. Ask yourself, “Is this the team you know will stick with you, fight for you, and genuinely care enough to listen to all your concerns?” We pride ourselves in the many lifelong friendships we’ve built, even after a case is won. Here is a small sample of the many positive reviews we’ve received from past clients:
quotes-testimonial-open2On April 2014 my dad was involved in a truck accident… He was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries and put into the ICU where he spent the next month… I knew that I needed an attorney but did not know where to look… I did not know who to trust. I decided to do some research and found Brian Breiter! I called him on a Saturday afternoon asking him for help! Brian took time off his personal family time to meet me that same afternoon… He listened to me patiently and after I was done he explained everything that could happen with great detail and I knew that I could trust him to take my dad’s case… Brian was always available when I needed to ask questions and never gave us a reason to worry, he was even able to speak with my parents in Spanish because Brian is Bilingual, which is a huge plus! I recommend Brian Breiter if you should find yourself in the same unfortunate situation as our family was in. Now we can focus on my dad’s continuing recovery. Read Karen’s full review on Yelp
quotes-testimonial-open2Brian Breiter deserves more than just rating stars!!! He really cares about his clients and will fight for you till the very end. I was at the wrong place at the wrong time when I had my accident. I was attacked by two dogs on my right arm. Being scared and traumatized after my accident, Brian Breiter immediately made me feel safe. He told me I wasn’t alone and that he would take great care of me. And he did. The process was long but Brian Breiter and Mark were always there for me. If I couldn’t get a hold of Brian, Mark was there to answer any of my questions. Every time I went to Brian’s office I was always welcomed. I’m so happy that I have my settlement money. I’m sad that I won’t be seeing Brian and Mark now. They truly are amazing. Brian and Mark are my super heroes. Read Sara’s full review on Yelp attorney-brian-sara-dog-bite-case
quotes-testimonial-open2My daughter was only 11 years old when her father was involved in a motorcycle accident with a vehicle belonging to the City of Los Angeles. David remained in a coma for over six months and died on my daughter’s birthday from Traumatic Brain Injury. The evening of the accident, my brother gave me the number of an attorney he had heard about and told me to call immediately. I’m so glad I called that same night. Overwhelmed and numb, I talked with Brian for hours on the phone, still in shock, explaining that had happened to David that morning and the delicate situation involving my daughter. Brian listened attentively and was able to comfort and advise me. This was what he would consistently do for me for the next two years. Brian was always available, considerate, trustworthy, professional, and compassionate. He immediately arranged for conservatorship, medical assistance, and the myriad of legal procedures that would involve a complicated wrongful death case against the City of Los Angeles. Brian was always kind to my daughter as well as sensitive to the impact she would go through from having her father in a coma and ultimately his death. It’s important for me to say that Brian changed our lives when everything went dark. He gently guided us for two years through this experience. The case was settled and we found resolution. My daughter and I can now continue the process to heal from our devastating loss with resilience and strength. Read Tanya’s full review on Yelp
quotes-testimonial-open2My girlfriend and I were hit by a car in a pedestrian cross-walk approximately a year and a half ago resulting in significant injuries from which we would spend the next year recovering/rehabbing. Having no prior experience with personal legal matters of any sort, I asked friends for referrals and also contacted a few of the top reviewed local attorneys on the Internet. I conducted a number of interviews not really knowing what to expect or what to look for. However, when Brian came in, there was an immediate comfort level both with his experience and knowledge as well as his sincerity and compassion. Brian not only had an immediate plan of action when it came to the legal aspects of the case, but he also made clear that his focus was on helping us get better. He was instrumental in navigating us through the complex healthcare-related challenges that we faced, found us top-notch doctors and without him I believe the whole ordeal would have been more challenging and costly. Like many others who have worked with Brian, I feel that I have a lawyer and a friend for life and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone else. Read Spencer’s full review on Yelp
quotes-testimonial-open2I was riding my motorcycle going to work. All of the sudden an 86 year old man… decided to make a left turn from a side street. After the initial front tire hit, I slammed sideways breaking my right leg (Tibia/Fibula), shoulder and fracturing my ribs as well as my pelvic. I flew over his hood and hit the ground, my bike flew in the air and landed somewhere… 30 days in the hospital, 5 surgeries. My girlfriend and my mother were attempting to get the accident report from the Burbank Police Department. No luck. I was in the hospital. There was no way I could do anything. So they searched online and found Brian. He contacted the police department and was able to obtain the accident report within minutes. Brian came to see me and my family in the hospital. He was very honest/sympathetic to my situation and reassured me he would fight for my case. Throughout these past six months of my recovery, Brian has always been there to answer all of my questions. He was always honest and upfront about everything. He advised me on what to do and what not to do. No matter what time of day, if he was awake, he would answer text/emails. Regardless of what was going on in his life, (family, other cases, etc.) he would always take time to talk, email or text if he could. The patience and care that Brian took for me was incredible. There’s not enough words to explain how grateful I am. I am extremely impressed with him and his office. Mark was always there if Brian was in court. It was a pleasure to meet both of them. They did a great job with my case. I am completely satisfied with my end result. Brian and his team are AMAZING! Read David’s full review on Yelp
quotes-testimonial-open2Brian J. Breiter, I must say I am very thankful to have found a very helpful attorney! He really listened to our story and put himself in our shoes. Unfortunately I lost my Dad in a car accident a stupid drunk driver caused. We needed a real attorney without any BS. Brian was very straightforward, told us about how long the case would be, what are the possibilities that could happened, and everything he said was correct. He is a very down to earth guy with an awesome sense of humor in a very difficult time of my life. He is exactly what my family and I needed! I really recommend Brian as an attorney! He went out of his way to help us out. Thank you Brian 🙂 BTW he looks exactly like Iron Man Lol very charming and handsome. Read Lynn’s full review on Yelp Attorney Brian Breiter - drunk driver personal injury

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