Since 1995 Mr. Breiter has represented thousands of clients in a vast array of personal injury cases. The office focuses on cases involving serious, life changing injuries that result in permanent disabilities or death.

Mr. Breiter will assist in finding only the best medical and forensic experts necessary in providing the most appropriate care and in preparing the case for mediation or trial.

If you have any questions, just call the office and Mr. Breiter will personally speak with you.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Injuries

We specialize in Bicycle and Pedestrian Injury Accidents.

Los Angeles is a dangerous city for bicyclists and pedestrians, and these types of accidents can be devastating. Even if you are lawfully on the sidewalk, crossing in an intersection, or riding on a bike path, you cannot control the negligence of another driver.

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Bicycle and Pedestrian Injuries

Car, Truck & Motorcycle Accidents

When a motor vehicle accident occurs, it is easy to become confused and forget to acquire necessary information. Even a minor accident can leave people nervous and shaken. It’s a good idea to keep a checklist of phone numbers to call and questions to ask in the same folder as your insurance papers, in your car glove compartment or console. Then when you need them, everything will be in one place.

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Car, Truck, & Motorcycle Accidents

Rideshare Accidents

When is an automobile related accident not stressful? No matter who is at fault, the experience and its aftermath are traumatic.

Now add to that the new and continuously evolving rules around Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing services, and you can find yourself in more confusion and frustration than ever. When accidents happen, these companies are in no big hurry to shoulder the blame.

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