Choosing a lawyer is choosing a team. Ask yourself, “Is this the team you know will stick with you, fight for you, and genuinely care enough to listen to all your concerns?” We pride ourselves in the many lifelong friendships we’ve built, even after a case is won. Here is a small sample of the many positive reviews we’ve received from past clients:

"April 2014 my dad was involved in a truck accident… He was rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries and put into the ICU where he spent the next month… I knew that I needed an attorney but did not know where to look… I did not know who to trust. I decided to do some research and found Brian Breiter! I called him on a Saturday afternoon asking him for help! Brian took time off his personal family time to meet me that same afternoon… He listened to me patiently and after I was done he explained everything that could happen with great detail and I knew that I could trust him to take my dad’s case… Brian was always available when I needed to ask questions and never gave us a reason to worry, he was even able to speak with my parents in Spanish because Brian is Bilingual, which is a huge plus! I recommend Brian Breiter if you should find yourself in the same unfortunate situation as our family was in. Now we can focus on my dad’s continuing recovery. Read Karen’s full review on Yelp


"We were in the search for a good wrongfull death lawyer looked up some reviews and ran into Brian we decided to give him a call to see how he was he was great from the start .He answer all the questions we had and told us we should file a lawsuit case to see where it leads us . We had lost our father to a drunk driver so we pursued the case Brian did everything he could even though nothing can ease the pain something can help our mother who was a stay home mom and never worked it was really hard to to get a job with no history and not knowing English. Brian went out of his way to get the most he can from this bum he hired specialist to track everything he had since the guy was just a drunk who lived off his dads money nothing really in his name just a lowlife . Nothing can bring him back but something helps pay the Bill's . Brian is  a great person and understand the tragedy and always had us in mind during the whole case to make things as smooth as possible . Read Jose T's full review on Yelp


"My daughter was only 11 years old when her father was involved in a motorcycle accident with a vehicle belonging to the City of Los Angeles. David remained in a coma for over six months and died on my daughter's birthday from Traumatic Brain Injury.
The evening of the accident, my brother gave me a number of an attorney he had heard about and told me to call immediately. I'm so glad I called that same night. Overwhelmed and numb, I talked with Brian for hours on the phone, still in shock, explaining that had happened to David that morning and the delicate situation involving my daughter.
Brian listened attentively and was able to comfort and advise me. This was what he would consistently do for me for the next two years. Brian was always available, considerate, trustworthy, professional, and compassionate. He immediately arranged for conservatorship, medical assistance, and the myriad of legal procedures that would involve a complicated wrongful death case against the City of Los Angeles. Brian was always kind to my daughter as well as sensitive to the impact she would go through from having her father in a coma and ultimately his death. Brian and Mark were always professional and available when answering my never ending questions or clarifying the legal process.
It's important for me to say that Brian changed our lives when everything went dark. He gently guided us for two years through this experience. The case was settled and we found resolution. My daughter and I can now continue the process to heal from our devastating loss with resilience and strength.
When you work with Brian and his tireless team, you will understand why people say he is truly the best of the best. My daughter and I are both forever grateful to work with Brian. He continues to be there for us. Read Tanya's full review on Yelp


"It was a grueling 3-year case which we ended up taking to trial. The defense was trying to give us a mediation amount that was barely covering the medical bills. However, Brian was so passionate about my case and he kept on saying this was worth more than what they were offering so he pushed for a trial. I was very nervous taking it to trial but with Brian's expertise in the courtroom I can say that I had the very best experience. I was guided every step of the way and I had all of my trust in him and his team. Brian and his colleague, Jeff, were so passionate about my case in court that I cannot thank them enough for what they did to help me. We spent a whole week in trial together and I've never seen such compassionate and determined individuals speak the way these two spoke for me in front of a jury and a judge. They really care about what they're doing and who they represent as clients and I can assure you that working with Brian is not a mistake. The jury unanimously sided with us and even gave a verdict way more than what we were asking for. Read Jillian's full review on Yelp