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wrongfuldeath-file4801310649783The loss of a loved one leaves us shaken. How much more a wrongful death—something we know could have been prevented. Grief can affect our whole life—emotionally, financially, and in unexpected ways. We’re here to help get you the compensation you deserve to help you move forward.

We understand

This is a very difficult time, and we understand. We’ll do everything we can to both insure your full compensation for the loss of life and financial support, while also handling this case with the utmost respect to the deceased and surviving family members.

Some causes of wrongful death include:

  1. Auto accident
  2. Faulty design of a roadway
  3. Faulty manufacture of a product
  4. Inadequate hazard warnings
  5. Selling, serving, or giving alcohol to an impaired driver

What you need to know

If you think any person, group of people, or entity was in some way responsible for the wrongful death of your loved one, you may be able to recover the costs that come with the loss of life, including lost financial support, medical expenses and funeral expenses. We can make sure you get it.

Attorneys Brian Breiter or Mark Rubashkin will talk to you and help you figure out the best course of action for your case. We’re here for you.

All calls or consultations are free. In personal injury matters, we don’t get paid unless you do.

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